Introduction to the course

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Hello everyone and welcome to this course.

We are so excited, that you decided to join this course on achieving Financial Freedom in India.

In this video, I will talk a little bit more about what you will learn in this course and give you a little more information about us.

But First, What is Financial Freedom?

You are Financial Free when you have enough wealth to live on without relying on an income from employment.

A stage when you can pay your bills with your personal resources. 

A stage when you are no longer tied to your job to pay your bills and you are free to choose:

  • The work you do
  • Wether to work or not
  • and be able to take more risk in your work and life

Financial Freedom is NOT about being rich. Financial freedom is to have enough money to live on, so that you are FREE to do whatever you want in life.

Our Story

We started our journey of financial freedom in our late 20's. We were looking for freedom to live our lives on our own terms but did not know how.

Out of sheer need to slow down our pace of life and start our own business we accidentally started our journey of Financial Freedom- We started learning about managing our money effectively and creating a balanced investment portfolio.

Please note, we are not fully Financially Free but we have managed to create a life of our dream:

  • We live in Goa,
  • We choose our work hours and
  • We have successful business that pays our bills
  • While we also work to create other income streams.

We are not exceptional in any ways but we have spend last 6 years of our life towards hacking the system to create a free life for ourselves. In this course we will teach you how you can kick start your journey towards Financial Freedom as well.

By the end of this course you will know:

  1. Key to Financial Freedom- Replacing your salary with multiple income streams
  2. How to create multiple income streams And

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