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You do not have to be rich or an expert of any kind to be financially free. Anyone including you can achieve Financial Freedom provided you are willing to put in the hard work and discipline.

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The course has video lessons that will help you to understand in most simple language:

1. What is Financial Freedom?

2. How you can achieve it.

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"Awesome Course- Great course on Financial Planning for Professionals"

- Jatin Goel- Software Engineer Qualcomm | Ex - IIIT Allahabad

" Good and crisp!"

Krunal Parmar- SDE at Flipkart

"I enjoyed the course and look forward to more info around Financial Independence from you guys - thanks :)"

- Neha Singh, MakeMyTrip| Ex-Deloitte | Ex- Wealth Manager

"It was great learning experience. I have completed the course with 100% marks"

- Saloni Agrawal, MBA Finance | Researcher | Analyst | NISM Certified | IRDA Certified

Your Instructor

Naren & Sugandha
Naren & Sugandha

We both worked for a decade in corporate world and felt trapped in 9-5 rate race. We wanted freedom to start our own business, pick our own work hours and be our own bosses.

We started our journey of financial freedom in our late 20's out of sheer need to slow down our pace of life and start our own business. We read and re-read all the famous bloggers on Financial Independence and Early retirement and applied ourselves to make the idea work for us in India.

In 2014 we started a blog called on achieving Financial Freedom and Early Retirement in India to share our learnings and experiences.

We feel now is the time we share what we have learned in a more structures manner through a course.

Please note, we are not fully Financially Free but we have managed to create a life of our dream:

  • We live in Goa,
  • We choose our work hours and
  • We have successful business that pays our bills
  • While we also work to create other income streams.

We are not exceptional in any ways but we have spend last 6 years of our life towards hacking the system to create a free life for ourselves.

Through our blog and our courses we want to help people achieve Financial Freedom in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Enrol in this course?
You can enrol into this course by simply signing up with your name and e-mail id. It should take you about 10 sec to sign up. Once you are signed up, you can access the course using your password anytime you want.
Is Financial Freedom Possible in India?
Financial Freedom an act of creating multiple income streams is not a new concept. It was known to my grandfather and great grandfather. They invested in farmland that gave them annual- semi-annual income, they build and leased few shops in front of their house which gave them monthly income stream. Fast forward to today we have more sophisticated asset classes available along with more conducive socio-economic make up that makes Financial Freedom possible for lot more people: 1. We have high-income jobs, In our 20's we are earning more then our parents did at their retirement. Double income household where husband and wife both earn is a norm. 2. families are smaller in size- Fewer kids with Less to no financial obligation of extended family. 3. Mature financial markets readily available to one and all: 4. Technology is available to make thing easy for you at each step of your personal finance journey - 5. Valuable Information based on real experiences like this course is available at the click of a button Yes, Financial Freedom is possible and we live in the most favourable times to achieve Financial Freedom.
Is this course FREE?
Yes, we are offering this course for FREE. But this offer is for a limited period. Grab this for free now!
How long do I have access to the course?
You have access for one month after enrolling the course. In case for some reason if you are not able to finish this course in a month. write to us and we will extend your access.
When does the course start and finish?
It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long will it take for me to achieve Financial Freedom?
It depends on where you are today and how much you are willing to work towards it. But even if you start with a blank slate you should be able to achieve Financial Freedom in 10-20 years time. However, you will begin to benefit as soon as you start your Journey to Financial freedom. We were able to create our dream lifestyle with just 7 years of financial safety net. The final goal may take long but there are many milestones on the way that will allow you more freedom and peace of mind in your life

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